Thursday, November 20, 2008

Portrait of a friend

This was done in illustrator and then added with some scene in Photoshop. A portrait of my friend: Shafri Mahzan. I would say this is my first finished portrait.


~ HuSnA FaDziL~ said... did u do that..?
i wonder how my image would be under those painted colours..huhu..

eworque said...

why wonder? give it a try..

veva said...

nice pict :)

amykamen555 said...

keep on rockin' dude!
boleh maju lg ni.
keep it up.

Latif said...

aku dah follow kau nyer blog... nanti follow kat blog aku lak di

Latif said...

oh yer kalau nak join komuniti pelukis .. nanti daftar dalam okeiii

MySelf said...


keren abiss!!
kok bisa sihh??

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Oksancia said...

Great portrait! Reminds me a screenshot from an animation! Well done!

Thank you for your email requesting my blog link! Here it is:

All the best with your work!!!

eworque said...

Big thanks to all who commented on this blog. Quite surprised when lots of people like my works. This blog progress is really slow because arts really need time. Thanks

Anonymous said...

hehehe I know this dude in the potrait you give him a 'new look'... much-much handsome than the original.. hehehe

Anonymous said...

shafri would be proud of you.. making him very handsome in the potrait... asan

nur nabil said...

credit !

Selamburb said...

u should make comparison(learn) from deviantart members..maybe your work will improve much better than this..

jurulukis said...

great artwork bro..utk tips pasal kombinasi konventional medium dgn digital art sila2lah ke blog saya

Anonymous said...

wow! photoshop illustrator ni?

Ridhuan said...

again thanks everybody for the comments

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